Residential Services

Compass, Inc. provides housing and other community residential services to individuals with disabilities who need support to live, and fully participate, in the community. Individuals reside in single family homes and townhomes in residential neighborhoods with other adults who are of similar ages, have similar interests, and have similar support needs. Home capacities vary from 1 person living alone with support to 5 individuals living together.

Compass strives to provide assistance to individuals that will promote personal growth, foster autonomy, and compliment and build on an individuals’ strengths for greater independence in living. Staffing supports also vary in each living environment and are based on the individual-specific needs of the people who reside in each home.

Some homes offer 24-hour support with awake overnight staffing to provide assistance to individuals who need this level of intensity in supports, while other homes have less support, for individuals who require less support to be successful, safe, and content.

Our homes are located primarily in Montgomery County, however we also support people living in Compass-owned homes or their family’s homes in Prince George’s, Charles, and Howard Counties as well.

For more information about our Community Living Programs, please contact
Ms. Liz Barnes at 301-625-2406, ext. 1141.