About Us

Our Mission

Compass, Inc. exists to support individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to live the lives they desire in communities of their choice. To fulfill this mission, we are fully committed to upholding the goals and principles shared with the Developmental Disabilities Administration that every individual will have the freedom to make choices, the supports they need to live the life they choose, authority over services and supports, responsibility for organizing resources, and the aspiration and drive to live as responsible, contributing members of their communities.

Our Values


We treat all people with dignity and respect; we honor the uniqueness of all individuals.


We excel at every opportunity to achieve high quality services and supports that lead to individual’s successful outcomes.


We strive to meet the highest ethical standards.


We believe that all people have the right to direct their lives and resources as much as possible.


We embrace continuous enhancement, bold creativity and change. We strive to be innovative on the delivery of services to individuals that choose our services.


Compass believes and embraces Person Centered Planning and Thinking. We are committed to a collaborative team environment. We encourage Compass employee’s to be self-disciplined in all of their efforts while being focused on effectively communicating with all members of the team. Through this process, each individual will have a Person Center/Discovery plan directed by the individual that reflects their dreams, goals, talents, preferences, interests, supports and resources. This plan provides the individual and their team a road map and direction on how the individual wants to proceed with the completion of their goals.

Personal Outcomes Measures

Compass will utilize the Personal Outcome Measures (POMs) as the primary tool to measure and evaluate whether or not individuals are realizing the achievement of their chosen personal outcomes.