Meet Sierra

Sierra for website

What do colorful nail polish, lipstick, trendy clothes and bead-work have in common?  These are all things Sierra could not live without!  Another thing, new to Sierra’s life and just as important to Sierra these days is her job…

Sierra is the latest employee to join Compass, Inc.’s administration team.  Working 12-15 hours per week, Sierra provides reception services to Compass at our main office located on Kiln Court in Beltsville, MD.

“The best part about my job is that I get to meet people,” said Sierra one day recently.  “I really like helping people when they call in and need to talk to somebody, and I especially like being part of the solution to someone’s problem.”

Sierra’s supervisor, Hadassah describes Sierra as a breath of fresh air; always with a smile on her face and a positive attitude.  “There is a lot to learn about this job”, says Hadassah, “but Sierra is picking things up quickly, has a lot of patience, and is definitely willing to learn.”

The next time you visit Compass, please make it a point to introduce yourself to Sierra.  You can be confident that whatever your needs are, she will be first in line to assist you!

Meet Scott and Marcia


Within the first few hours of meeting over 21 years ago, we knew we would be friends.  Something which was understood and never needed to be spoken; we “got” each other… I him and he me from the start.  Although neither of us knew I was to become Scott’s stepmother, we naturally developed a trusting friendship which only grew
after becoming family.

Prior to, and following the passing of Scott’s father, Compass staff provided us both with a level of support and caring consistent with that of family…  as truly they were and continue to be our extended family.

Although 23 years of life have brought both Scott and myself many challenges and changes, our friendship continues to be one based on the unspoken bonds of trust, caring and just “getting” each other…. priceless!”

Meet Theresa

website image Theresa

Theresa is a skilled musician.  She plays multiple instruments including the electronic harp, Korean Drums, the piano and the flute.  She reads sheet music with ease and enjoys the classics as well as contemporary songs.  Theresa is also bilingual and understands both the Korean and English languages.

Theresa came to Compass in September of 2016 and quickly became close friends with her housemates; enjoying shopping, hobbies, and just hanging out with them in her free time.

Theresa loves it when her mom makes authentic Korean food for her and she wants to learn how to make her own food soon.  She is well-invested in her local community where she attends church and Korean school.  She also volunteers two days per week delivering meals to homebound seniors.

Compass congratulates Theresa on her community involvement and on her willingness to explore and share her talents with others.  Recently, Theresa performed in a talent show where she won first prize.  She is an inspiring and fascinating young woman and her future is bright!

Meet Geoffrey

website image Geoffrey

Geoffrey is an accomplished artist and has sold pieces of his works to businesses and individual collectors alike.

His art has helped him become more expressive.  Once very shy, Geoffrey has blossomed through his creations and his other self-improvement endeavors.  He has engaged in multiple classes at Montgomery College including ones in expressive and visual arts, all while holding down his volunteer job at a local nursing home.

Geoffrey did not communicate with words or other understandable means when he first came to Compass several years ago.  He also did not demonstrate understanding of concepts of money management.  He spent most of his days rocking in front of a TV in his former home.

With the introduction of technology and behavioral supports, it quickly became apparent that what people thought they knew about Geoffrey was vastly different than who he really was.  When he first began Speech Therapy, a Picture Exchange Communication (PECS) schedule board was used which paired specific words with an image. After a short period of time, Geoff was pronouncing the words without the use of the associated images.   After a few more months of work, he verbally asked for a Kindle for Christmas, and when he received it, he slowly began to use it.  Soon, he was reading whole stories aloud.  He showed everyone that he had been listening and taking everything in all along.  His gifts were tucked away until he had the tools he needed to unlock them.

It has been a couple of years now since Geoffrey first began to use words to communicate, and aside from improving immensely in his speech, he has become more cautious about money management and prioritizing his needs.  Compass congratulates Geoffrey on his dedication to his personal growth.