Customized Employment and Day Services

Customized Employment and Day Services


Tony, owner and operator of
The Lawn Boys, LLC receives
support to run his business through Compass, Inc’s
Customized Employment Program.

Compass, Inc. provides a full array of services and supports to the individuals who choose us for vocational services. Services may include one or all of the following:

  • Job skills preparation including, but not limited to: appropriate work attire, work place personal hygiene, resume preparation, interviewing skills and appropriate follow-up skills.
  • Specific job skill development.
  • Customized employment strategies like; job carving, job sharing and task restructuring.
  • Developing a personal budget and managing a paycheck.
  • Developing and maintaining good work safety skills.
  • Developing appropriate workplace behaviors, including but not limited to; understanding and appropriately interpreting social cues, following the chain of command and communication, taking instruction and directions from supervisors and developing healthy, productive relationships with co-workers.
  • Understanding the importance of corporate culture in business.
  • Developing time management skills including prioritization, meeting multiple deadlines and strategies for increasing work productivity.
  • Developing appropriate workplace attitudes of loyalty, cooperation and dependability.
  • Developing appropriate workplace habits of punctuality, respect for other’s personal and work property, proper use of work tools and equipment and efficiency.
  • Job development and customization.
  • Maximize use of local resources to enhance and maintain full participation in community life.
  • Assist individuals to participate in self-chosen recreational and social activities after working hours to help sustain a more balanced life.

For more information about our Day and Employment Programs, please contact Ande Kolp at 301-625-2406, ext 1115.  email

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