Meet Theresa

website image Theresa

Theresa is a skilled musician.  She plays multiple instruments including the electronic harp, Korean Drums, the piano and the flute.  She reads sheet music with ease and enjoys the classics as well as contemporary songs.  Theresa is also bilingual and understands both the Korean and English languages.

Theresa came to Compass in September of 2016 and quickly became close friends with her housemates; enjoying shopping, hobbies, and just hanging out with them in her free time.

Theresa loves it when her mom makes authentic Korean food for her and she wants to learn how to make her own food soon.  She is well-invested in her local community where she attends church and Korean school.  She also volunteers two days per week delivering meals to homebound seniors.

Compass congratulates Theresa on her community involvement and on her willingness to explore and share her talents with others.  Recently, Theresa performed in a talent show where she won first prize.  She is an inspiring and fascinating young woman and her future is bright!