Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff Contact Page

To reach any of our administrative employees between hours of 9a-5p Monday through Friday, please call 301-625-2406 and enter the following extension:

Abrams, Jessica Program Coordinator 1132
Akinkuowo, Oluseyi Payroll Specialist 1109
Ampsonah, William Part-time Nurse 1147
Arawole, Bamidele Office Manager 1139
Bangura, Lulu Employment Specialist 1148
Banjoko, Edna Rene Quality Advancement Assistant 1121
Bobbitt, Lolitha Accounts Payable Specialist 1146
Bolston, Marcus Assistant Director of Residential Services 1112
Caldwell, Renee Health Compliance Specialist 1129
Carthy, Tangela Program Administrator 1144
Chase, Terraia Community Service Supervisor 1135
Chester, Barbara Part-time Nurse 1128
Cherukury, Deva Behavior Support Coordinator 1130
Dobson, Matthew Accounting Assistant 1103
German, Sunela Program Coordinator 1114
Horton, Aina Program Coordinator 1140
Jackson, Donna Benefits Administrator 1001
Jalloh, Isatu Nurse Case Manager 1113
Johnson, Qadriyyah Director of Quality Assurance 1108
Layne, Aiesha Community Service Supervisor 1015
Lester, Corinne Program Coordinator 1131
Lester, Jenoyce Director of Health Services 1118
Lewis, Lorna Training Coordinator/HR Assistant 1016
Madu, Chinwe HR Specialist / Recruiter 1101
Malik, Amina Program Coordinator 1122
Newsome, LaTonia Employment Specialist 1126
Onunkwo, Uche Senior Program Coordinator 1124
Owens, Keely Behavior Technician 1125
Rohrer, Mary Jo Communications and Development Specialist 1134
Scholfield, Melissa Asst. Human Resources Director 1127
Stepp, Domonique Individual Benefits Coordinator 1142
Steward, Nathanael Community Service Supervisor 1145
Tillery, Tiffany Senior Accountant 1119
Toche, Thomas Pat-time Nurse 1149